The Real Story

Life is a process. Sometimes you’ve just got to let it all go and go with the flow.

About Nikki


When COVID struck, it was obvious that the 12+ year web business was going to take a hit. After all, restaurants and the entertainment industry accounted for the majority of AYI Digital’s clientele base. That’s when the thought process of a new career started. Well actually it had been brewing for a couple of years, but COVID 19 had catapulted it to the frontline.

Perhaps writing a book might work. After all, writing essays and short stories had always come naturally in school. High school English seemed like a breeze. Writing a journal always felt good. Putting feelings down on paper made life bearable. Why not just write a book? Well for starters, if you’re going to be successful in the writing and selling of a book, you need a fan base long before the book is released. In order to build a fan base, you need a blog and several social media outlets. And while you write your book and build your fan base, you need money to live off of, quite a lot of money actually.

Okay so back up. If you need a blog to build a fan base, why not just have a blog and see what transpires? And if I did that, would the blog be about? Things I’m good at of course. How about women’s health, skin care, and relationships, three things I have lived and learned for almost 50-years. What should the blog be called? 30 & Up? 40 & Up? How about I just use my name? Nope, too long. I know, I’ll use part of my name, Nikki Marie, and part of my sister’s name, May. I’ll have a pen name. Yay! Nikki Marie May. Yep, that’s it. Logo finished. Coming Soon Page is up.

So now that we’ve got that figured out, how do I keep afloat and make a difference in this crazy world while building a completely new line of work? What else am I good at? I am a great cook and I love the process of researching a recipe, buying the ingredients, and making it all happen, especially when you intertwine a good bottle of wine and some smooth jazz. Which leads me to ask, why ruin a passion by making it a job? Never mind. Let’s leave it be.

What else? Maybe some cleaning jobs….. Ugh. Yes, I said it. I clean really well. Sounds silly, but I had a cleaning business while in my 20’s and for 10-years I was called, ‘the best cleaner we’ve ever had’ by all of my clients, a clientele base that would not stop growing. If I were to get some cleaning jobs I know for a certainty I’d make really good money with the going rate for residential being $40+ per hour and commercial up to $90 per hour. With that being said, it’s been two decades since acclaiming that fabulous title, and by the looks of my house these days I’m thinking I should keep any remaining ‘talent of cleaning,’ to the home front. I believe my husband would agree. Lol. I love you hunnie.

Next thought. I know! I used to sew tons of clothing for my daughter, way back in the day when I was a stay-at-home-mom. It feels like a lifetime ago for sure. Nevertheless it was I that made her winter coats, dresses for church, and clothes for school. I was also the person who made curtains for our home and even upholstered a chair! Maybe just maybe I still know how to sew. So out came the supplies and the YouTube tutorials. I began creating and testing a variety of mask styles on my family until I found what I consider to be some of the most comfortable, quality driven, and attractive designs out there. And that, my friends, is how NIKKI MASK was born.

I hope you like my products. I take a lot of pride in everything I do, but especially when it involves the welfare and happiness of others. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with your questions, concerns, and feedback. And most importantly, stay safe, be careful, and remember to smile.

Luv Nikki