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If you’d like to make this whole ‘mask-wearing-thing’ as fun as possible for your child we recommend  customizing the masks together by choosing from our array of colorful 100% cotton inner backings and some beautifully colored elastics. Colors always make things more fun and it’s only an additional $2 per mask!

Please read the full product description below in order to make the best choices available for your child’s mask.

40 in stock

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Our $8 kid’s mask includes:

  • The outer fabric as seen in this image (100% High Quality Tightly Woven Cotton).
  • An inner layer of polyester interfacing for added protection and durability.
  • One layer of 100% cotton backing (black or white depending on which is most complimentary to the outer design)
  • Black or White elastic cords (also based on the outer design).
  • Two Elastic Cord Stoppers to ensure the perfect amount of tension on your child’s ears.

Our Recommendations:

Many parents are satisfied with the way this mask design fits their child’s face without a nose wire. If you prefer to take that extra level of caution to help keep the mask fixed in place and flush with the bridge of the nose, we recommend adding a nose wire. Additional $3 per mask. 

We carry many different colored elastics and backings. Feel free to make this fun with your child by picking your favorite colors and reaching out to NIKKIMASK with your special requests. Additional $2 per mask.


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