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Wireless No-Fog is our most loved and best selling mask. Wireless No-Fog works well for those who wear glasses and those who don’t. The folded nose piece at the top helps the mask remain in place while talking and greatly reduces the fog experienced by eyeglass wearers.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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19 in stock

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Our Wireless No-Fog mask comes in three layers.

– The outer fabric on our “Rainbow Runway” consists of a High Quality Calico Cotton. Its finish has a soft metallic look with iridescent colors so that lighting affects the brilliance of the mask. This mask is truly elegant. 

– The inner layer is a sheer weight polyester interfacing. This creates shape and works as a third layer of protection.

– The mask’s backing is White Premium 100% Cotton Muslin Fabric.

– The Edge stitch is hard to capture in an image, but it is a beautiful and subtle compliment to the iridescent fabric. We use Gutermann’s multi-colored metallic 100% polyester thread.

The elastic colors are as seen, but can be customized according to preference and what we have in stock.

The elastics are cut at 20 cm and come with elastic cord stoppers to ensure the perfect amount of tension on your ears.

Rainbow Runway comes in small, medium, and large. 

  • Medium fits most.
  • Small fits adolescents and adults with small or slender faces. 
  • Large works best with fuller and more rounded faces. Men with beards have expressed appreciation for the larger size.

We do not recommend a nose wire on our Wireless No-Fog mask since it is designed to fit your nose without a wire and can get bulky when a wire is added.


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